Seminar of

Philosophy of Image

Università degli Studi di Milano


Department of Philosophy "Piero Martinetti"

The Seminar

    The Seminar of Philosophy of Image is a research group which aims at investigating contemporary issues in aesthetics and visual culture. The Serminar organises meetings with international speakers open to all public. Each gathering consists of a talk and a session of Q&A.


    The Seminar has a transdisciplinary approach, but retains firm roots in philosophical disciplines. Therefore, we host contributions by scholars coming from, but not limited to anthropology, history of art, media studies, philosophy, psychology, and visual culture studies.

    The 2019/20 edition of the Seminar is devoted to the concept of Illusion. The activities will converge with those of the AN-ICON ERC project (2019-2024) coordinated by Andrea Pinotti, wich aims to explore "an-iconology" as a new paradigm able to address the challenging landscape of contemporary image production and consumption.



Luca Marchetti

29 November 2019

Andrea Cimino

6 December 2019

Gertrud Koch

19 March 2020



Andrea Pinotti

Full Professor of Aesthetics

University of Milan

Pietro Conte

Assistant Professor of Aesthetics

Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Anna Caterina Dalmasso

Post-Doc Researcher of Aesthetics

Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles

Giancarlo Grossi

Post-Doc Researcher of Aesthetics

University of Milan

Federica Cavaletti

PhD Student

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Giacomo Mercuriali

PhD Student

University of Milan




Seminar Room - Third Floor
Department of Philosophy "Piero Martinetti"
Cortile della Ghiacciaia
via Festa del Perdono 7
Università degli Studi, Milano